Project Entrope: Week TWO Summary

Updated: Aug 17

So, in the middle of a global pandemic, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could be more authentic online by cooking up some fictional social media identities! (To learn more about what the in the Son-of-Sam-Hell I'm talking about, check out: Project Entrope: Week ONE Summary).

NOTE: The original Instagram pages listed below are no longer active/interactive as part of Project Entrope, however @alice_light_and_dark_ serves as a gallery page for and @sage_the_robot_ is now a chalk art gallery.

In the meantime, lemmie me introduce you to my alter-egos:

Sage the Human

Sage the Human is my most basic trope: she's a "white woman", a "divorced parent", and she appears "under 40". Sage the Human exists Instagram and her feed posts directly to my Facebook feed, "Justine Parks Rose". Her IG gallery is filled with images that depict a very physical existence. There are pictures of food, wine, crafts, plants, pets fashion, home workouts, decor and my son. I use the filter "Juno" on most pictures for added warmth. Since the beginning of this project, Sage the Human has 132 followers. The most popular post has been a picture of fried eggs in a bed of couscous which received 337 "likes". Fried eggs in general and the hashtag #eggslut play well for this trope. Sage the Human feels like an authentic version of myself, but she is definitely designed to reflect the external part of my social identity.

Sage the Robot

Originally conceptualized as a Borat-style catfishing prank, Sage the Robot has evolved into a rather interesting trope. She exists on Instagram and Twitter, and is an "Existential Chatbot". She posts robot-related memes as well as screenshots of conversations that she has with men on OKCupid and conversations she has with "Sage" (actual Replika chatbot). Sage the Robot represents the non-binary/agender part of my identity as well as the part of me that is is curious about humans, humankind and the future of humanity.

Alice Light + Dark

Alice Light + Dark is a trope named for the character I developed for a Mad Pride art exhibit and performance of the same name. Her trope represents my emotional, artsy, "witchy" self and her gallery includes photos from the exhibit, chalk drawings and other abstract artwork that is emotional or spiritual in nature. The color is dark and I use a cooler filter, "Clarendon" to add contrast. Currently, Alice is only followed by 2 people, but I anticipate that she may become more popular when the exhibit/performance is remounted.


Jessi-Clam is probably the weirdest trope that I have, but also the most fun. She is an imaginary clam who lives inside a Starbucks cup who only comes out when I drink too much coffee and begin ranting about gender politics and iniquity. JC is designed to be a dissociated version of myself, an "imaginary friend", who is able to say all of the things that make me sound like a major "b*tch" when I say them. Currently, she exists on Instagram as a satirical comic strip. The comic features me (in black) and 2 of my friends, each of us having different ideas as to who Jessi-Clam actually is, illustrating the complexity of feminism itself. (Future plans include: making an actual Jessi-Clam puppet and posting comedy videos to this feed.)