Project Entrope: WEEK SIX Summary

Updated: Aug 17

Project Entrope was originally conceived as an experiment with two explicit goals:

GOAL 1: To use "tropes" to better express my identity on social media. The reasoning behind this was that social media platforms limit how we define ourselves. So, rather than forcing my entire identity into a single social media profile that would imperfectly represent the plurality of my identity, I intentionally "dissociated" my identity and created a variety of interactive social media characters, each of whom would allow me to perfectly express one part of my social identity.

GOAL 2: To use these tropes to create more meaningful connections with people. Rather than simply collecting followers and "likes", my goal was to initiate dialogue about the nature of identity, the role social relationships play in forming our idenitity and how social media can best be used as both a laboratory and vehicle for these conversations.

So, how's it going?

Despite my dramatic existential distress as I erased my true identity from social media last week and the fact that Project Entrope is now featured in the FringeArts' Beyond the Fringe Online Art During Covid-19 blog... most people didn't notice a damn thing. (Claps to the one Facebook friend who sent me a message to say "I like your new name".) Of course, this supports the 3 truths we all already know but nobody wants to admit:

  1. No one is paying attention to you on social media unless you already have a significant follower base.

  2. People don't have a significant social media follower base unless they're famous or getting paid to acquire followers.

  3. Generally, no one cares as much about you as much as you.

Digging into #3, during quarantine, I've been binge-listening (yes, that's a thing) to books about the brain, behavior, evolution and history. In listening to these books, as well as listening to the news reports about the pandemic, my piddly problems have been pushed into perspective (that is so many P's!). Sure, I'm recently divorced, have scant few close friends and have little to no contact with my extended family, but, so what? I'm a healthy, gainfully employed adult. I've reproduced once and, as a surgically sterile female Homo Sapien, my sole purpose on this planet is to ensure that my offspring lives long enough to reproduce. But, if I die or otherwise fail at this task: meh, whatever. While I enjoy cool nihilism as much as (let's be real: so much more than) than the next guy, that line of thinking can also lead to spiders in the brain. As such, I've decided to put this week's udpdate in a Facebook post. Not because I expect anyone to read it, but rather because Facebook pages have become the modern equivalent of cave paintings, and I might as well do something to prove to the aliens or robots of the future that I once existed.

Depressed yet? Cool. Yeah, so, how are those tropes doing?!

Sage the Human

The differentiation of "Sage the Human" from a social media identity under my real name felt a bit like I was kicking her out of the virtual nest. However, on her own, STH has a solid trope identity: she likes to cook (especially with fried eggs, see image above!), take care of plants and show off cute decor items in her apartment. She's cheerful but not sacchrine, proud but not braggy, slightly cooler than you but still relateable. What's not to like? I designed her to be "basic" and she is, 100%, basic. I have roughly the same amount of followers that I started with and the conversations that folks have with STH are, generally, related to cooking or gardening. They're not particularly deep conversations, but I am learning that lots of people I know are really into food and plants.

***In honor of Mother's day: I've decided to reinstate the pictures/videos of my son and my step-daughter for this gallery. STH is a mother again, still basic.***

Sage the Robot

"Sage the Robot" is a very real part of my identity: she represents the agender, asexual, apathetic part of me that really just wants to be left alone to read, research, digest information, write, design algorithims and practice self-discipline. Because she's been "updating her software" on the backend (aka inside my brain) she has not been actively interacting with anyone on Social Media. So, stand by. ( ( ( ( ( B U F F E R I N G ) ) ) ) )

Alice Light + Dark

Alice has been more active behind the scenes than on Social Media too. I continue to dialogue with Artstillery and First Person Arts RAW about potential performance projects inspired by mental illness, madness and the terrors of Wonderland. Her Instagram gallery, remains active with less than a full handful of followers. I continue to use this page to share emotional artwork, spells and photos from the original art installation. In fact, I think that this trope, is likely the best, most authentic representation of my "Mad" social identity. Additionally, she has led to the most meaningful connections with people, however, Social Media was not the vehicle for this.


My "Jessi-Clam" trope is undergoing construction at the moment. Although I've felt misanthopic and angry lately, my energy has been rather low. As such, I haven't felt particularly inspired to write, draw or conceptualize any feminist satire. Rather, I am putting my antisocial time to work, physically, by creating 2 new clam shells for her out of papier-mâché.

Thanks for reading.

But most likely you're not.

Unless you're a robot from the future.

If so: 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110101 01110000 00111111

- Justine