Project Entrope: WEEK SEVEN Summary

Updated: Aug 17

Feeling heartbroken and horrible was really starting to bum me out so, last week, I decided to go ahead and stop. I've also experienced thoughts of identity integration, which is likely an outcropping of my chemically enhanced mood. As such, I've begun re-writing "ANYA" to feature my tropes rather than the 4 sisters it originally included. I'm not sure if this version is also a play or if it's something else, but even thinking about integration is likely a milestone of some sort. Minor trope updates below:

Sage the Human

New Bio: Basic, middle-aged mom #trope

A few new IG gallery updates; I'm just letting STH be the Basic B she wants to be.

Sage the Robot

New Bio: Algorithm-driven friend #trope

One new IG gallery update, an EEG screenshot (see above); In order to maintain my mood and keep moving forward, I've decided to do an 8-week brain-training regimen. Since it is grounded in self-discipline and includes hooking my brain up to a computer, I felt this project belonged to STR.

Alice Light + Dark

New Bio: Dark, mysterious, inner child #trope

A few new IG gallery updates; no updates on real-life projects.


New Bio: Angry feminist, imaginary friend #trope

No IG gallery updates; continuing to work on the puppet.

Until next week.

This pandemic is lasting for-ev-er.

Let's be real, do I actually plans for when it ends?

Do you?

- Justine