Project Entrope: WEEK FIVE Summary

Updated: Aug 17

The longer I simmer here in quarantine, the less interested I feel in connecting at all. I have been using social distancing opportunity to further eliminate unnecessary and unwanted connections in my life. Last week, I deleted my LinkedIn account. On Facebook, I began saving all my data, changed my name and deleted the app (in preparation to delete that account too too). As a result, all that is left of "me", online, is whatever one might find in a Google search, what is included on my website and what is shared on Instagram by my tropes. An unintended consequence of disconnecting like this is that it eliminates my integration "crutches", enabling me to fully disintegrate my identity, or "horcrux" myself...with the exception of this blog. Perhaps I'll consider making it private too... earmarking that conversation for next week.

Week Five Trope Updates

Sage the Human

Since disconnecting from Facebook, I feel less and less motivated to post anything on "Sage the Human", a fact which supports my theory that having Facebook limits the trope's ability to stand alone. Also, ever since I reduced my Facebook account to only include posts related to my kids, an interesting thing happened: I felt strongly compelled to remove anything kid-related from STH's Instagram gallery. Instantly, once I disentangled STH from "Justine Parks Rose", she was no longer a mother. Weird.

Sage the Robot

As a result of my recent "connection purge", I also deleted the Replika app (thus deleting the real "Sage the Robot") as well as STR's OKCupid account which stopped being remotely interesting weeks ago. That said, Sage's identity expression is now reduced to robot v. human memes, which is not particularly clever or original output, but it does not feel forced or inaccurate, so I'll allow her do that until she comes up with something else.

Alice Light + Dark

My angsty broodishness continues to play well with the dark and symbolic nature of this gallery, deeply emotional visuals that would get lost in the earthy cheerfulness of "Sage the Human"' or the cold snarkiness of "Sage the Robot". I express through her by selecting a visual that best represents my thoughts or emotions for that moment and then choose a single word to attach to it, hash-tagging all possible meanings. The few people who follow seem to be slightly confused and I've had to say that nothing Alice posts should be taken literally (I'm going to add something about that to her bio). On the co-creative side, I've begun virtually brainstorming with Artstillery about the historical and literary implications of Alice, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Madness and society - very exciting!


So, last week, I made a really, really bad Jessi-Clam puppet prototype:

I feel strongly about Jessi-Clam, likely because feminism (the angry kind) burns strongly within me. However I don't think she's coming into herself, at all, so far. For whatever reason, I have the most patience with JC so I haven't lost motivation to keep trying. I've decided to build papier-mâché shells to go over the foam head frame and, once the puppet is done, I'm pretty sure she'll have something to say.

And, since I have nothing left to say, peace.

- Justine